Why Grout Power?

GroutPower provides the ultimate grout cleaning experience; while other companies color over the dirt, grime and bacteria in your grout. GroutPower actually uses a steam sanitation process with no toxic chemicals - leaving your grout not only clean but bacteria & germ free! and with a beautiful sealed finish.

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Contact Us

Contact GroutPower and you will talk to me personally and get the information, not only on the cleaning and resealing process but any questions about the types of tile and grout you are referencing about in your home or business. I will provide you with the answers and thoroughly explain the process so you feel good about your decision with using GroutPower.

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Our Promise

As a Homeower and Family Man; I know what I want and expect from a service. I started GroutPower because I myself, wanted my family to have a clean bacteria-free and nice looking clean kitchen and bathroom area to live in and use on a daily basis. My promise to my customers is to give you the same great & prompt service I expect at a very Affordable Rate!

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Why You Should Have Your Grout Cleaned?

Even though cleaning your tile grout is not a necessity; I am going to demonstrate and explain how & why. Obviously, looks and appearance are of great importance because everyone should want nice looking tile grout and floors in their home. Also of equal or greater importance is the Eco-Friendly factor - the GroutPower sanitation process actually kills the bacteria & germs in your grout while using no toxic chemicals and leaves a beautiful clean & sealed end result!